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May 29, 2010

WORLD’S  largest   flwor  = ”RAFFESIA”

WORLD’S  heigest  flwor   =”ITEN ARUM

WORLD’S  largest  snke     =”ANACONDAa

WORLD’S  largest  bird      =”PASBARA”

WORLD’S  longest river    =”NAYIL RIVER”

WORLD’S  helghest mount=”AVARAST”



May 1, 2010

One of the main unit of the nvir anment is tree. the trees are very valueble ecosus tem. the people can’t live without tree. the people and animals depend on the thees. the trees supply foods and medicine to people and animals. the trees give protection to the animels and some people also. the animals build their nests on the tree not only that. the tree control tre soil evosion.but, the people cut down trees for foods fuel, woods,medicine. as the the envionmentul tem paratare have increased we must protect tree . we must plant trees again and again. because,we can’t live withont trees.