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December 12, 2009

The jak tree is a versatile tree.the jak fruit at every stage is eat by man. ripe jak fruit are of   ino kinds. thendr jak which is known  as polos can be made in to adielicious curry. it was eren inthe diet of an cient royalty waraka is used to treat diabetic patients. the jak tree is a rich source of food for man and animals. the broadly sp read branches give shade and add beauty to nature jak roots are ysed by buddhist monks to dyre robes in the saffron colour. jak tree also helps to keep the earth moist

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December 5, 2009

 * Full name  = hewa kuda antonige nimesh srimal weerasiri.

 * Name with initials =H.K.A. nimesh srimal weerasiri  

* Date of birth= 22nd august 1996

* Age = 14 years old

*Grade = 8

* school = metodista m.m

* post addrees = Rathna sewana narawelpita north hakmana

* male/female = male

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