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”parrot speaks”

November 28, 2009

I like to be in the jiunlge .I do not like to livein the zooas.I get the same food every day.I do not have atime  to live freelg. alwags some people are loking at me. they disturh to my feedom. i dont have achance to go fo ang where i like. this space is not enogh  forme.they take prot oyraph. then i feel proud of my self.

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November 28, 2009

The elephant is a large mamal. it is back or ash in colour. it livesin jungles all over the has large and lage ears. there are wild elephants in sri lanka. elephants eat leves. elephants are ysed to carry heary logs. anelphant  carries therelic casket in kandy perahera. 

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November 21, 2009

Cricket is my fovourite game .it is a very popular game in the world. it is an intern ational game. it is played in out doors and in doors. it needs player in ateam to play it gives practice to body and mind. it needs aba t aball and  wicket to play the game. the captain of sri lanka cricket tem is mahela jayawardana.


November 21, 2009

I have   a pet dog. it is a friendly dog. its name is snowi. i has bushy tail. it can run fast. it like to eat meat and is in a barks at strangra. it play with me. it protectsour house. i love my pet dog.


November 14, 2009

MY mother’s namesh is ratnaseeli.she is  thirty years old. she lives in narawelpita.but her naive piace is matara . she is houswife. she dedicgtes somuch our studies.she is very beautiful. her hobby is watc hing television. she likes to sew clothes. her favorite food is ice-crearn . and favorite drink tea. she washes my clothes and ironthem. in her spare time tells me interes ting stories. some time my mother goes on picnic with me.


November 14, 2009

MY father’ s name is weerasiri. his village is narawelpita. Also my father’s native plascs is narawelpita. he is fourty years old. he is handsom somuch. he helps our studies. my father earns mony to build our family. he loves us somuch. he protects us well In his spare time tells me interesting stories. he is avery kind father.I love somuch my father.