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October 31, 2009

My father is  name  Mr.weerasiri. His village is narawelpita. alo my father  is  native plascs is narawelpita. he is fourty years old. he is handsom somuch. he is mason. he wors very hard. he helps our  studies. my father earns mony to build our family. he loves us somuch .he protects us well .in his spare time tells me interesting stories. he is a very kind father. i love somuch my father.



October 24, 2009

Library is tha most impotant place to student.we think such away.all the people live should read book or news paper/ bh this, informatons are known by  each  other.the library it helped more for the a dove scnool should maintaina a library


October 24, 2009

Rathnapura is famous for gems. rathnapura means the city of gems.the cutting of is a is an important export trade to day. gems are beautiful.sowomen make jewelleries to wear.