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August 12, 2009




August 12, 2009

MY school is Metodista c.c . It in matara distric. my school is mixed  school. my school  is very beautiful. my school is isuru school. it h has class from grade six to threy grade there principal of our   school is mr.tilakaratna . my school starts at seven thirty a.m .it closes at one thirty p.m. it has ten buildings. my school has play ground,libray, light room,and computer  room in our school

” MY SELF..”

August 8, 2009

My name is nimesh.  I student of Metodista c.c in matara district.I am a grade eight. My  mother is Mrs.Ratnaseeli. she is a teacher. My father is weerasiri . he  is a mason I am fourteen years old. I have tow brothers and  no sister. My favourite game is cricket. Myfavourite food is ice  -ceram. My favourite subiject is English. I go to school on by bus . My hobby is piaying cricket and reading book. Ilike want to be a teacher afteres living school.


August 8, 2009

 My naeme is Nimesh. I student of metodistha c.c in matara district.  I am  a grade eight. My mother is Mrs.  R a

Hello world!

August 1, 2009

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