March 12, 2011

I have a beautiful school bag. it is black and write. there are yellow lines in my dag. this dag is a hormals size bag thesize of this bag is 30CM X25CM. the shape of this bag is round shape. the cost of this bag is about RS 1000/-.I bought is from hakmana market it is made by srilanka i like to is somuch



March 12, 2011

my favourite  teledrama is ”kopikade”. It is telecasted at 8.00PM on every wednes days. there are lot of interesting charactors init. A mong them, there are few main charact ors in this teledrma. they are poli mudulali,appuwa, adilin and dayawathi. they arereal camady charactors. through this teledrama act socildren but alos elders watch this teledrama every week. I dedicate my tessure to waton this teledrama. we can get a know ladaye throygh this teledrama so, Ilike to this teledrama


May 29, 2010

WORLD’S  largest   flwor  = ”RAFFESIA”

WORLD’S  heigest  flwor   =”ITEN ARUM

WORLD’S  largest  snke     =”ANACONDAa

WORLD’S  largest  bird      =”PASBARA”

WORLD’S  longest river    =”NAYIL RIVER”

WORLD’S  helghest mount=”AVARAST”


May 1, 2010

One of the main unit of the nvir anment is tree. the trees are very valueble ecosus tem. the people can’t live without tree. the people and animals depend on the thees. the trees supply foods and medicine to people and animals. the trees give protection to the animels and some people also. the animals build their nests on the tree not only that. the tree control tre soil evosion.but, the people cut down trees for foods fuel, woods,medicine. as the the envionmentul tem paratare have increased we must protect tree . we must plant trees again and again. because,we can’t live withont trees.


February 27, 2010

Sigiriya is famous all over the world.It is like a cultural museum. Sigiriya is several miles away from dambulla. Sigiriya rock appears like alian .when you look from far away.Sigiriya  buit by king kasyapa. king kasapa kild  his father.to get the kingship. his brother mugalan got angry with his brother. the pon on the top of the sigiriya is another wondeful thing. Many tourists visite

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February 13, 2010


February 13, 2010

My best friend is taruka. he lives in Denagama.he is fourteen years old. his hobby is playing cricket. his mother’s name is nayana. his father’s  name is munasinha. he has one sister and one brother. his school is MR/metodist c.c.he goes to the school by bus. he favourite subject is art. he is a good frinds. he has good habbit his favourite fruit is a king coconut. his clever to run. his love family somush.

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January 9, 2010

My country is srilanka.It is an sland. Sri lanka is in indian ocean.My country lanka is a tropical country .There are several country.Sri lanka,Indiya,Pakistan,Maladiwaina,Malayasiyawa and Bangalades are some of tem .Our country is like pearinthe worlds. there is a lot of sun shine and ranin our country. The large and longest river is mahaweli rive in sri lanka.

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December 12, 2009

The jak tree is a versatile tree.the jak fruit at every stage is eat by man. ripe jak fruit are of   ino kinds. thendr jak which is known  as polos can be made in to adielicious curry. it was eren inthe diet of an cient royalty waraka is used to treat diabetic patients. the jak tree is a rich source of food for man and animals. the broadly sp read branches give shade and add beauty to nature jak roots are ysed by buddhist monks to dyre robes in the saffron colour. jak tree also helps to keep the earth moist

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December 5, 2009

 * Full name  = hewa kuda antonige nimesh srimal weerasiri.

 * Name with initials =H.K.A. nimesh srimal weerasiri  

* Date of birth= 22nd august 1996

* Age = 14 years old

*Grade = 8

* school = metodista m.m

* post addrees = Rathna sewana narawelpita north hakmana

* male/female = male

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